Augusta Hyper Fighting Full Results

Thanx for all who showed up yesterday to support our cause for Haiti Earthquake relief, more shout-outs later, but for now, the full results: - Hope everyone enjoyed themselves yesterday as much as I did:


  1. Nato
  2. I-Love-Cola-Man
  3. Druseph
  4. CoosCoos
  5. Dr. Eek
  6. KiDD
  7. David
  8. Parris
  9. Pint Sized Paolone
  10. Tsu
  11. Electric
  12. MPR
  13. Heavyweight
  14. NOEZ
  15. Omega Red
  16. Dreamboat
  17. Paco
  18. ADVIII
  19. Roddy
  20. Battle Walrus

GG’s to all those I played.

Dru - Finally beat your Honda! :rock:

Nato - Sick Akuma man. Now I am going on the Akuma band wagon and learning him. I need a little variety.

Jay - What happened? You came up from loser’s bracket before.

Coos - Congrats on making it to top 4.

Had fun. Hope to play with you all some more later on.

I think i did fairly well for a first-timer, if i do say so myself. :cool:

Hey everyone. I had a great time, and thanks to Dru and the other organizers for running a charity event, that’s really cool, and I hope to be able to participate in more in the future!
I had no idea there would be so many Bison players! I thought I was the last one! Bison sucks anyway. :rofl:

@Dru: Thanks for holding a sweet event, and good games! Man Honda hits HARD! Haha. It was fun, and hopefully we’ll get some more games in the future!

@Nato: Good shit, man! I haven’t watched you play in like what feels like a year, and watching you play was like poetry in motion! Hope to see you soon!

@MPR: It was great seeing you man! You have a sick Boxer, as always! And dope reaction time with those ultras.

@Kiyoki: Great seeing you man! Hopefully we’ll see eachother soon.

GGs to Dru, David, Electric, Tsu, and the Bison player and Ryu player I played.

GS to having commentary and the hype station! It made all the matches really fun! I really liked the setup. Sad I missed all the stickers, though. :[

I’m not where I want to be yet, but I feel like I’m getting there slowly but surely, and I’m pretty happy with my performance. :tup:

Dru and other Aug dudes, nice tournament like always. Nothing is better than the hype station! J had to leave early for some reason, but there’s always next time. I enjoyed my casuals after the tournament, and Kiyo, your Chun is as fierce as ever!

Dru- We always have great and intense matches! I love playing your Honda.

I-love-cola- The way I see it, you gotta pick the character that you have the most fun with, and stick with him/her for better or for worse. You have a great Sagat and Ryu, GGs.

Derek- Wow! You were doing awesome out there. I loved seeing you capitalize on situations and busting out some unexpected tricks with that Dic :rofl: Good shit and we have to get a training session sometime soon!

MPR- Everyone has their off days, and this day was yours. There’s always next time homie, shake it off cause Final Round is right around the corner.

Coos- You leveled up by like x1millionx. Your Viper is vicious! GGs! I want to get some more games with you next time. I love playing sick Vipers!

I had a great time. And I will be there for the next Aug Super.

Good stuff, guys :tup:

GGs to Nato. Thanks for giving me the strats for the Dic vs Akuma match-up. I’ve learned something which is the important thing. I was not satisfied with my overall performance. I didn’t feel comfortable using Jacob’s stick. Next time I’m going to buy own stick for the 360 so I know I’m comfortable. any ggs to everybody.

GGs to every1 that came out. Overall the TC was able to pool just under $500 to benefit the Haiti earthquake relief. It blows my mind that we were able to get as many people as we did with no cash prizes and really shows how much this community cares.

Shout outs:
Dru - bastard
Dr. Eek - ggs man. i apologize for any clowning that i do when i get hype. i enjoyed our match and look forward seeing you again.
Nato - very nice performance making some people look silly (*cough don). we definitely need to get some more matches in the future.
Parris - too close man, next time O_o. what’s up with all these bison players?
Don - my gamer tag is not in reference to blanka’s abilities. it was actually my tag from back when i played css competitively several years back and comes from my electrical engineering background.
Every1 from out of town - you guys are awesome.
Augusta Crew - good showing.

Be on the look out for the next Augusta SUPER. We’re gonna try to do something big for the SSF4 release.

mr “im alright” nato takes the cake, hahah nice man :lol:

congrats guys & good work :tup:

@ electric1ty: something big for the ssf4 release? sounds cool keep us posted… im dying to come check out aug :woot:

I don’t know how to play this game!

That Cooserella guy is gdlk though and so is his cousin COOS BROILER.