Asus VH236H & VW246H monitor identically lag free?

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2nd i know there is dedicated thread similar to this, but i need some answers for this specific matter :china:

I’m gonna be buying a large quanity of Asus monitors, i know the VH236H is the evo standard with no lag. The 24 inch version looks very appealing for a few dollars more. Got some serious questions about he 24 inch version (VW246H)

Is the VW246H lag free as the VH236H version?

Is the brightness/contrast the same, (i know the numbers are but by looks has anyone seen anything different)

has anyone tested it?
I read somewhere that people on the #capcom board said its was also lag free, can’t be sure off of he said she said.

is it worth the risk or should i just stay with the 23 inch version?

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I bought the VW246H from newegg about a month ago for SF4 and have not noticed any lag, and as far as brightness and contrast the blacks lvls are amazing and the colors flow. I can definitly see why they are using the asus monitors at EVO. The only problem with the monitor is alot of the reviewers seems to have dead pixels. As for the one I got it had not one dead pixel. So bottem line yes they are worth the investment.

Edit: the speakers are horrible use an external set

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thanks for the input!

anyone else having any experience with the 24 ASUS lcd monitors?

I put this in the HDTV faq forum, i’ll just copy/paste what i said there to here.

i purchased the vw246h just recently and have been testing it out. I gotta say, it might be just me but I have a harder time pulling off bisons standard c.jab, s.jab, > scissors. This is a combo that any bison player is able to do nearly 100% of the time. But with the vw246h i barely get out the scissors half the time now. I don’t understand it. Previously I used the Samsung 2253BW and I was able to get this combo out consistently nearly 100% of the time. Now i can barely get it out half the times. Again maybe its just me… can anyone do ANY input lag test on the vw246h to confirm? Or can anyone with a vw246h do the standard bison combo consistently with this lcd? Very disappointed on my purchase so far tho.

I had the VW266H and I’ve had no issues, although it is I believe everything larger than the 23" is 1200 pixel 16:10 instead of 1080 16:9 so you get black bars on 1080p content or you have to use fill or overscan options

thanks for the updates guys

i am with the VH236H (23") model right now. it “seems” good but is still hard to fockin tell since xbox mvc2 is possibly cutting/skipping frames. overall this 23" gets thus far my only lcd approval for gaming! :bgrin:

I have the VH226H (21.5" model) and it works perfectly both for my PC and for my Dreamcast hooked up via VGA.

I recently received the 24inch model and have been running it through my gauntlet of movies, games, etc…

I have 0 complaints. Lag is nonexistent to my knowledge although I did pop in guitar hero and rock band to try it out and came back perfect results so take that for what it’s worth. Extremely happy with my purchase and honestly don’t think you will be disappointed.

looking to pick up the VH236H soon.

the vw246h?

So the vw266h is fine, then?

Thinking of getting one soon.

yep that’s the one, really loving it :lovin:

i have vw266h and there is no lag as far as I can tell using RB1 A/V calibration as my test. It plays a sound and you move the cursor to where the sound plays and it can tell you how many ms the display is off by. this, of course, assumes the audio has zero lag, which i’m sure it is real time since there is no processing for the sound on the monitor.

with this test i show zero lag. i have done the same test on two other screens i thought lagged and one had 40ms and one had 70ms with the same test.

what about the vw266h?
I was hoping these has the same reviews

I have the VH242 and use my PS3 through HDMI. I haven’t seen any lag on it.