Arcade Stick Advice

I’ve recently purchased the SFIV TE Stick, it’s good, but at the moment I personally think I’m better with the controller, I’m not sure to stick to controller or continue with the arcade stick until I get better.

P.S - I plan to enter tournaments, and I doubt I’m going to be good with the stick by the date of the tournament.

Please Help

I dont see the problem.
For the tournament, take the input device, on which you can play the best.

In general, its recommend for fighting games, to play on a arcade stick, cause thats, what the games are designed for !
Its quite hard to get used to it, after playing on a pad, every move seems so damn slow.
Some make it in a view weaks, some need a view months to get fully used to it.
But after you got it, u will never ever switch back to a pad, believe me, thats the general consent, noone will disagree.

Just use the training mode. And do the motions, hadouken, 100x to the right. 100x to the left etc. try this with every move. It takes so long for the brain and the nerves, to build up the so called “muscle memory”. Practice it slowly! Then after time, make it faster. Thats exact the method, to learn an instrument btw. same concept.

Ahh I see, for me the motions I can handle of the joystick, its the ‘pressing the buttons’ which annoys me abit, i am not able to move my hand from jab to fierce as fluent as i could on a pad. Also hitting combos is more difficult for me on a arcade stick.

Yeah, same thing happened to me went I got my first arcade stick about a month ago. Positioning my fingers and actually pressing what I wanted to was pretty difficult, but I am fully used to it now after a month, and I can tell you for sure that I will never go back to using a pad.

Same thing for me. I have always been a pad user, only dabbling in sticks to “look cool” with buddies while in reality knowing my execution was always better on a pad. Recently I bought a qanba q4raf, mostly for bullet hell shooters but then tried using the stick on SSF4. Same old thing, after a couple days with the stick, I was like “damn, I can do all my moves a ton better on a pad” and so switched back. I then thought I’d give the stick another chance and put in a good few hours over the weekend. Last night again I switched back to the pad as I got frustrated again when I didn’t feel I was pulling off moves fast enough but then today after trying it I suddenly found it super easy to execute some pretty tough moves, like I finally understood the motions of the stick.

My point is, for all those using a pad and wanting to switch to a stick, be patient and keep using the stick (both online and specifically in the trials which require you to do more technical stuff). If you don’t feel you’re making any progress, put away the stick and come back to it fresh after a day or so, subconsciously all that practice will help build your muscle memory and you’ll suddenly find it easier to do moves (remember you should expect to use it at least an hour a day for a month before you can realistically expect to be used to it). It’s also worth watching VesperArcade’s tuts on youtube, particularly the parts on links, cancels and shortcuts (e.g. DF, D, DF for crouching SRK rather than D, F, DF) before practising them in training mode with the inputs activated so you can see what you’re doing.

Try picking up a new fighting game, or one you haven’t played in a while either. I bought a new stick and I was garbage with it.
I got better after i decided to practice a new game with the stick. My muscle memory become adapted and now I prefer to play any game with the stick.
Pads are for pros, I became a stick scrub after joining this website… oh well

I recently got my stick and I felt the exact same way, it feels like there is such a steep learning curve but all the practice will be worth it. One reason I will never go back to pad is because it is so much easier to plink and double tap.

I love my stick. The onlt bad thing is that i still have trouble dashing and superjumping in tense situations. Basides that i love it.