Arcade layout pics?

I’m looking around for pics (like this one, preferably) for street fighter. I could probably make one pretty easy, but i’d like to get an official one if possible. Also, if there is one similar to that for guilty gear, it’d be great if someone could post it, cuz i have no idea what the guilty gear arcade layout looks like or what the buttons are called (I see some H, and HS and P ones, but no idea past that what they mean).

Thanks for anyones help (google isnt much :sad: )

Depends on which SF you’re looking for. And in GG S is for Slash, HS is for Hard Slash, P is punch, K is for kick and D is for Dust.

I believe this is the SFII layout.

You will also have infinitely more help on the Tech board by the way.

Pretty much all street fighter games have the same layout, Light, Med, Heavy, with punch on top and kick on bottom right?

Is Street Fighter 2 the only one to use things like short, jab, roundhouse for the attacks?

so far this is the only layout for GG i can find. It seems to be for Isuka. Is it the same for other GG’s?

Some people still insist on calling moves jab, strong, fierce, short, forward, roundhouse but generally people will just say lk,mk,hp, etc. cuz it’s easier.

yeah, i couldnt remember the name for all them so i just listed the few i knew were there. I kinda wish they had renamed them in SF2HD to L/M/H.

Yeah that’s the basic SF set up with the on top and the 3 on bottom but some use a curve.

The offical SF4 Tournament stick is set up exactly like the arcade stick in the machines for SF4 using the same lay out and parts and notice the buttons are at a curve matching the natural rest of the fingers on your hand. Some like straight alignment while others prefer the curve.

Its been a long time since i have seen a Guilty Gear layout but your reference looks correct. The set up would be


So is SF4 going to have only 3 buttons? i mean, 3 for kick 3 for punch? or are they tacking 2 on (i noticed the madcatz sticks have 8 face buttons)

It’s the 3 buttons but the extra 2 black buttons are to make up for the extra buttons on a PS3/XBox360 pad. Hence why they are black. They are extra.

ah ok, i kinda figured that, but you never know with games these days what kinda stuff they’ll try.

Hey anybody else use the retarded GG setup I do? I always thought it was easier for my tiny brain to set it up like this, it’s what I use on my wii hori stick for AC:


When possible, of course.

I used the standard setup when i played but i sucked hardcore.

Gentlemen, I bring you the Tech Talk subforum’s Stick template/Layout thread!

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