Any online site to buy arcade stick accesories?

I am looking for a bag to store my TE 2 arcade stick. Can someone help me? Thanks

$50 Mad Catz bag for $20 this weekend only. Use code PAXFIGHT at checkout.

Thanks buddy. The problem is that they dont ship worldwide. Are there any other options? Thanks.

Qanba Defender is $60 but international shipping is $50. If I was you I would just use a backpack or messenger bag. You can always get a Link shaft to make it a little easier to move around.

Thanks for the tip. Is there any way to protect the balltop and buttons?

Best thing to do if you plan on traveling with your arcade stick is to invest in a Link shaft by Phreak Mods. Works with Hayabusa, JLF, and there is an LS-32 version as well. Not sure how realistic that option is for you outside the US. What are you trying to protect the buttons from exactly? Being in a bag is about all the protection those need. You could try to find a backpack with a small front pocket on the lower front half and cut a hole big enough to fit the joystick through then put a foam block over the lever inside the little pocket. This is essentially how most arcade stick bags work.

I’d get something of higher quality than those cheap Jansport backpacks. I found they’re prone to breaking easily under stress and they really don’t provide any protection to the things carried in them because of how thin the material is.

Its easy to criticize someone else’s plans when you lack a solution yourself.
Don’t like JanSport, fine. Use a different brand bag with a similar Layout.

I don’t have a link as this was a random bag I saw in the store, but I seen laptop bags that with a little know-how can be easily modified to be come an arcade stick bag using the ideas NENDO has pointed out.

@NENDO I like your idea, I would suggest stitching around the hole that just made with another layer of fabric, to re-enforce the opening from ripping and tearing.
it would not be too difficult to encase that foam block in some fabric so the foam block would last longer. Layers of foam from a foam mat sleeping mat (used to put under sleeping backs for camping) would be a excellent choice. The foam is durable but soft enough to provide padding, also its easy to work with the foam as you just need a good pair of scissors or a utility knife to cut the foam.

I googled “backpack” and picked the first one that was a solid color. Use what bag you want. When I think backpacks, one of the first things that comes to mind is Jansport because 90’s.

You know what funny, my sister used the same purple JanSport Backpack from Kindergarten to College.
She never had issues with it, and it held up for 15 years before she had it replaced.

It’s easy to make the wrong assumptions about posts.

I wasn’t criticizing the idea, simply pointing out that I find Jansport backpacks to be cheap and flimsy in terms of protecting the fightstick. I’d imagine you can use a backpack that has a large pouch for laptops. Usually those have one huge compartment divided in two by some padding. You can cut your hole in that using an exacto knife and maybe some cardboard to steady the fabric and you’re good to go with one of those joystick shaft protectors. The Jansport would only allow for easy carrying and no protection whatsoever. The added bonus is that you can store other things in there as well.

This would be complete overkill for OPs purposes but I use this Targus backpack:

I’ve been using it for years to carry 10-15+ lbs of books/laptop every day. It’s got a lot more room than OP needs though…I used to use it to carry my xbox, controllers, games and some other things for Halo LAN parties. I’ve seen smaller bags from Swiss Army go for $20-$50 that should do fine and provide protection for the stick.