After the basics

I’ve noticed that there are plenty of tutorials every where marketed towards beginners, however past the basics of any game, help from those that can provide it starts to fall off. I’m relatively new to fighting games (about 3 months) and this is extremely noticeable in the game I like playing the most, Blazblue CSE. I guess my question to anyone who has a suggestion is what can I do to continue learning. I know how to do basic combos and which to do in certain situations, but I have an extremely hard time with defense, and online in UMvC3 if anyone tries even the most basic mix up on me they’ll get past my guard. I’m at a loss as to what to do besides just continue to play more, which I’m doing, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m doing less learning and more developing bad habits.

start engaging in forum discussion relating to BB (I assume Dustloop?). It would also help to get yourself a mentor, preferably someone who plays the same character as you, to give you more pointed critiques. Once you’re past the total beginner phase you have to start getting a bit more active in pinpointing your areas of weakness, which will be different for everyone, hence less intermediate level focused tutorials.

If you are looking for “so your not a total noob, here the tutorial to advance into an intermediate level.” Not going to happen, and there is no content available. I have expressed similar frustrations at the lack of material bridging the gap. Gootecks has also stated there isn’t enough content with tutorials and the like. It also doesn’t help that most of the begginer guides are over complicated definition reading an combo tutorials, but other people get mad when beginners say they are only practicing combos, it is the only step by step guide that you see any improvement from.

Im trying to frequent dustloop and while I have taken a couple things from what I read the community comes off as extremely elitist and reluctant to help beginners at all. This doesnt bother me but I like the idea of a mentor, so do you guys have any advice on finding someone that would be willing to help me?

If you’re blessed to have any local sessions anywhere near you, attend those. You can try to find mentors online, but the odds are pretty slim unless you make friends with someone that you play online.

I’ve checked but unfortunately the nearest one is 2 hours away and they don’t even play BlazBlue as far as I know. So i guess I’ll start looking for a mentor online, hopefully I can find someone willing to jump on skype and teach me a thing or two. Dustloop doesn’t seem like an opportune place for this, any suggestions? I know theres probably next to nowhere I can look so I’m not expecting much.

once you learn the basics, a lot of it is just learning things on your own, and hopefully running into guys online that can help you. I have found it hard to find anything “intermediate”, so its kinda like the more experience you have the better you get. I would reccomend the local scene but since you have to go about 2 hours away its kinda not worth the effort, so kinda just watch videos and get as much experience as possible online. just jump in the forums for the game you want practice with guys on here, just ask for someone to help you out online and hopefully youll get something

That’s, well, frankly not true. I was a Capcom player long before I joined Dustloop, and I’ve found the anime community to be extremely inviting to newcomers. I see beginner questions in the character forums every day, help to answer what I can, probably even ask some myself.

After the basics you learn…MORE BASICS!!! If you think after 3 months you are a master of the basics, you are kidding yourself.