A good way to affix plex to my arcade stick?

Need some help with my arcade stick plex.

I’ve just finished my first custom stick and I’m loving it. Only real issue is how secure the top piece of plex is. It’s being held down currently by the 11 buttons on the right and the four screws holding the joystick to the left. While this holds down the majority of the plexiglass very well, the bottom edges (or wings) can be moved up and down. It’s nothing game breaking, but I’d rather them be nice and snug to prevent me from accidently pulling up on the plex and breaking it.

I’m looking for a solution to keep these edges down that doesn’t include putting more screws through the top of the plex/artwork. I personally don’t like having 800 screws all over my artwork. Any possible side clamping options or other ideas would be appreciated. Something clean and classy. Thanks!

You only need 4, maybe 7 screws to secure that cp down. If you want it to look a lot more flush, get yourself some flat screws and a countersink bit. Paint the screw a bit before securing down and it’ll be pretty classy

I don’t know if these C clamps are large enough, Perhaps if you remove the bottom plate on top of the screw.
Amazon.com: C Clamp Screw Compressor: Small size: and one half" x and one half" for tubing up to 3/8&: Health & Personal Care

2 of them should do.


Nice! Thanks for the idea.

BTW: Would t-molding work at all?

Wouldn’t the C clamps look even less classy and more ghetto?

Clear sticky tape?

I got nothin’.