A complete all in one resource for Fighting Move Lists?

Hey all,

I was wondering if there was a definative central resource for Fighting Move lists? either in book form, or web form? I know there are scattered sites that offer move lists for certain games, but what I am trying to find out is if there is an all in one resource for EVERY fighting game?

I ask this because, for well over a year now I have had the idea to create an all in one “bible” if you will of move lists for every primary 2D and 3D fighting game released. This is obviously an enormous undertaking, and one that I do not want to fully move forward with until I am certain this has not been done before.

I feel that the number of moves that have to be memorized, and the lack of readily available references hold back the entire genre as a whole.

I will give you an example: I do not frequently play the DOA series. When a friend comes over, do we boot up DOA2 on Dreamcast and throw down? Rarely if ever. Why? Neither of us are immediatly familiar with the movesets, and embarking on a button mash fast regardless of our familiarity with other fighting games, is simply not in the cards. Sure the games have in-game references, but who wants to keep on pausing the game to view them? Also, where else are we going to turn? Random websites or simple black and white text FAQ’s at gamefaqs.com? Yea right… reading QCF HC BF DFB HOLD is simply not intuitive.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were simple PDF files available, with move sets for characters, from every fighting game franchise ever? This is what my goal is. Also, I want to point out that this is a very realistic project and I am not simply blowing smoke out of my ass here or anything. I am a graphic designer, and the entire move list bible would be fully optimized for speed, accessibility and performance. The entire thing would be in vectors and text, with the only bitmaps being small avatar size player icons to aid in finding the character you are looking for. Page space would be maximized to the fullest, striving to include 2-4 characters per page where-ever possible. Also, I find it rediculiously unecessary to have sperate move list sections for each game. Why have 11 pages on Terry Bogard when they are all essentially the same movelists? It seems much more logical to create one single move list page, and then append notes to certain moves as to which games they were newly introduced.

So far the only instance I know of where this was attempted to some degree was Neo Encyclopedia (which the site seems to have long since died out), however these lists were not in vector, and were spit out from Excel most likely with embedded images. The PDF’s do a good enough job, but they tend to be sluggish, and reading them at different zoom levels can be hard on the eyes.

Anyways, if anyone knows if this has been attempted before please let me know. Also, feel free to comment on whether this is something you yourself would find value in with respects to having friends over to play various fighting games.


When in doubt, GameFAQs.

your asking way too much lol make one yourself.

Good luck with VF,SC and Tekken. :wgrin:

You obviously didn’t read my post.

You obviously didn’t read my post either.

Yea VF especially, the move lists are immense. virtuafighter.com has some great move lists for all of the VF games, and would be my primary reference for that series.

Isn’t that somewhat the goal of the shoryuken wiki? I think that could be thought of as an attempt, and it has met with mixed results. Even some popular games have gaps in information.

lordnikon, by no means would something like this go unnoticed. I’d make immense use out of something like a movelist bible. However, consider that it has to be updated with new movelists for every game to be released and you’d also have to look into movelists for extremely dated or unplayed games for it to be really “complete.” Personally, I’m of the opinion that a movelist repository should be an undertaking of the community for a specific game. Granted, you can scrape the surface if you had an individual like yourself or a group trying to compile a list for every game. But a community effort can go into areas you probably won’t. Hit box information, frame data, damage of the moves, what’s useful and what isn’t, all of this information is infinitely more useful to an aspiring newbie than just having a simple command list.

I’ll give you that yes, it is annoying to have to pause to look at an in-game command list or look up something on GameFAQs or wherever to find moves for a character. But the thing is, if you’re playing with a friend, at some point, one or probably both of you will end up playing the game frequently enough to warrant taking a deeper look at a movelist online or elsewhere. What warrants whether you look at one or not shouldn’t be dictated by whether you want variety in your performed actions. It should be dictated by how much you really want to play a game to its fullest. And thus, this is why I believe that something like your movelist bible would be unnecessary and wouldn’t serve very heavy practical application for any community.

google the game and maybe you’ll find a popular forum for that game.

Capcom -> SRK wiki, tries to explain everything imo. Well for hugo it did :smiley:
Meltyblood -> meltybread, ->has a wiki that pretty much explains everything
Guilty Gear -> dustloop, well for the most case each character has its own independent thread trying to explain everything<3 zappa thread for explaining everything well :smiley:

though i did thought that it’d be cool to create just a bunch of pdfs for each game. That way people can just print those out and put them in a binder. Then when people want to learn a character they can just flip to that page and read how to play that character

That would be a gigantic amount of work, and by the time you’re ready, a new game of Tekken, SC or whatever will be announced, so it will become wasted time and efforts

Ummm… no. The previous games doesnt, contrary to popular belief, disappear once a sequel hit the shelves.

Why not start collect everything in a very compact and standarized manner? Say pure text files that always have the same notation by using search-and-replace functions.
Prioratize the work in order of popularity/likelyhood that one will ever play that particular game and start grabbing stuff from gamefaqs and SRK.

btw gamefaqs really help??

i mean sure if you want how to do a move but is there someone that actually knows FG posting guides there, and i apparently missed out on it(cause i don’t bother to look).