u mad?


see him?

he mad

Shit going down in this thread.

Oh look it’s an internet tough guy wearing a bandana as if he’s a gangsta. Al Capone would body all you poseurs. Looks like you just crossed the rio grande as moist as you look.

Guys I here in time just before the lock.

WTF goin on in here ese???

Someone needs a hug.

Go get’em killer~!


Its all game!!! Dont get played!!!

I think he meant to say this.


EDIT: Fucking Luc. Nice Avatar. :rofl:

Real Talk?. All ya’ll other niggas got the X button stamped on your foreheads.

You better watch it

they fly DIAGO from japan on over to USA to beat you!

Watch what?

And whatchu know bout DIEGO, homes??

LOL@ the only good thing this guy said.

Diego Umejuarez. Daigo’s Mexican half-cousin. YOU DIDN’T KNOW?

internet thug

I just stopped breathing from laughing so hard. :tup: