9/14 VCU Break Point Results


1st Andrew Ward "BLT"
2nd Darick Perez
3rd Estuardo Enriquez "Tommykid"
4th Matt Kavalek "foomyjin"
5th Jody Woodley
5th Victor Salmon
7th Luke Smith "nimh"
7th Omar Ballout “Omar X”

9th Eric Valencia, John Paul Lamprea “Tenk”, Manuel Garcia, Ernesto Bringas

13th Robin Palm “Renegade”, Dave Fleming “Big Dave”, Hesham Shaban “Shamy”, Greg Mitchell “turbomitno3”

17th Lawrence Price, Joe Van Pelt “Chocobo”, Tim Reyes, Chris Durrance “barrel 0”, Gabrial Comanche, Antone Rosario “aerial assault”, Rudy Godoy

As requested by Bill… Shamy actually got beat 3 times in a double elim bracket. Somebody will share the story, I’m sure.

1st Estuardo Enriquez
2nd Andrew Ward
3rd Jody Woodley
4th Darick Perez
5th Dave Fleming "Big Dave"
5th Robin Palm "Renegade"
7th Tim Reyes
7th Matt Kavalek

9th Nolan Perkins, Luke Smith, Joe Van Pelt, Eric Valencia

13th Frank Chang, Chris Durrance, Micheal Glennon, Ken Chero

17th Ed Henriquez, Sean Glennon, Antone Rosario

Hey Robin, did the “pre-registration” and your other tweaks help things go smooth?

We have a couple of guys here in NC that are making some headway towards maybe gotting some tourneys going in Fayetteville, so I’m especially curious now. If we can presont some good administration off the bat, that would be cool.



good stuff…darick P showing off the MvC2 skills i see :slight_smile:

hope everything went smooth…and beat 3 times!?

yes please someone share the story :slight_smile:

big dave getting 5th in a CvS2 tournament damn kid how come you don’t play at GT events then

What? Let me take a guess Matt lost a match then immediately lost the next one LOL

the curse of Foomy!!!

I like how Omar digs the “X” @ the end…very humorous…


Good game to everyone!!! Alpha 3 is tooooo phun!!! =) um… to BLT… you didnt Blinto it up , you had some good blinto luck on ur side this time… hehe

A3 sucks :stuck_out_tongue: j/j

bubble puzzle is addicting…

had alot of fun last night.

The pre registration actually was a really good idea, and it worked really well. I got started exactly on time with nearly perfect brackets even though not everyone was there yet.

The only thing wrong with it was that 5 people from Gametime (Victor, Ernesto and company) and never registered. Victor would have definitely been a seeded player, and I would have had a more regionally balanced bracket if I had put them in beforehand.

The taking money as people played idea worked out rather horribly for two reasons.

One was that people wanted to give me money right away so they didn’t have to worry about it (and for both games).

And two was that I didn’t have hardly any capability to give change out.

I was a little overwhelmed at some points at the start. But I just get that way sometimes.

That was one of the problems with the arcade in general, was the lack of ability to get change when needed.

Trent, Dave played really well in CvS2, he lost to Jody early, then beat Barrel O, Nolan, and Luke in losers, Then lost to Darick.

Airrick, I believe Matt lost 2 straight in CvS2. However, In order to get 4th you need to win a match in loser’s first. I’m pretty sure he beat jody.

Andrew’s Magneto was just pimping… BLT always does well on Richmond soil.

Thanks for the honest assessment, Robin. I appreciate it.

I hope you can keep it rolling; I might try to make a VCU at some point in the future.


i just noticed eric v got 9th…how did this happen?

no smart ass comments like he lost either LMAO

All I have to say is BLT is the fuckin man. Damn only if BLT played like that everytime he would get 1st at GT everytime. Also a good showin from everyone else except sham. What the fuck, how do u play so bad, and lose 3 times in double. He’s gonna here from me for a while. Please everyone make fun of sham, because win I lost to ahrmon, I didnt here the end of it.

After the tourny we all went to BW3’s and talk and had some refreshing food.

And everyone that was with me Tell me how much bill talks and how much he gets on ya nerves.

All and all fun tourny must do it again.

I wish I didn’t suck.

You know, I really hate it when I figure out what I should have been doing in my matches AFTER I get eliminated. Oh, well. At least now I’ll be prepared for future tournaments.

And I have to say that I’ve gained a grudging respect for A3. I actually had fun playing the game for the first time in, like, over a year. I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that there wasn’t too much V-ism or CC abuse. Still, good times.

Eric V was put into loser’s cuz he was like 2 hours late.

Then he left early. Thus being eliminated w/o losing.

I almost eliminated him anyway. He took the Mag/Cable/Doom team that was on there and played it. I beat that team in the 2nd round with Storm/Sent/Doom. Then in the 3rd round he picked Cable/BH/Cammy. I caught him sleeping with a low short and killed his cable early. So i had Sent/Doom/Storm vs. BH/Cammy. And I lost. Don’t ask me how… I just did.

Barrel O, people weren’t using Vism b/c they were fucking around. I only use Vism for Juni b/c she’s atrocious in the other isms (Bison super… wtf is that shit?)

O.k. first off…Bill is upset b/c no one plays/cares about tekken…and the “MK champ” has no proof, and everyone who is known to be good at that game like Jason Wilson has no clue who he is.

Man do I suck.

3 matches thing…I played some kid named Manuel…I am winning and he says his stick is messed up…we start over…he is winning when my stick messes up…he slides/doom rocks tempests me and wins…I told him my stick messed up DURING THE MATCH…so we just redid the 2 outta 3 and he won…I am stupid…I lost to shit…apperantly I dont mash out of hyper grab tempest.

Robin…while it was cool to have everyone in RIC for once…dont do it again untill Marvel sticks are good…right and left side…left side is worse though.

I lost to Luke in the other match…I dont know so dont ask.





LOL Trent beat the hell outta Bill in MK in Philly…

too good champ…


edit*disclaimer: this is just a joke a fucking joke I edited this since Luke (nimh) thought it would start an argument so to save time and space I would just like to let you know again it IS a fucking joke…Trent did beat bill but “beat the hell outta Bill” I guess is too harsh for viewers and would be taken the wrong way…
again I am clearing this up for the sake of everyone in Virginia because message boards can mess up the intend of the message…
again this is just a JOKE…I cannot stress this enough…now we will continue regular conversation…

deja fucking vu…<sigh>

great…now we get to start up a big fucking arguement right? sigh

Yeah why not…I mean we all know that I am just making it up and its not true :rolleyes:


It’s alright HVS,Trent…Bill is a patholigical liar…Just like he was allegadly top 5 in the nation in Blitz…but I put 50 points on the board against him every fucking time we play…I took the plays he used against me and beat the shit outta him…he just feels the need to Bullshit…especially with a “top player”…its pretty funny…I think he even said some shit to Foomy…but Foomy knows what the deal is…

ok well since this is a joke that i am sick of here r the facts. he beat the hell outta me??? did he really!!! hmm…in MK2 i played him with SCORPION!!! and didnt use punch!!! while trent over here is usin mileena and jax and actually tryin to win. then in MK3 we played like 4 times. trent won 1 OF THOSE 4 AND I DIDNT BLOCK ONCE DURING THOSE MATCHES!!! dude i played with that freak and now u guys still make a big deal of it. trent i’ll play u anytime and this time i’ll block and use my punch buttons.

HVS, Trent=:lame::lol:

to hesham…my last 3 tourneys i finished 1st,1st and 5th. i am no liar. u used to love to crack on tekken when i lost to diman at NY regionals and constantly make fun of the games i play. and when i do the same to u…u wanna be an ass about it. fine. oh and as for blitz, u put 50 points on me every time. what??? heres how this went. shammy lost to me about 4 times. stole the team/plays/ and some strats and started to beat me. HOWEVER, the last 3,4 games we played were the 3 serious games to find out who is the man which went i won the first we tied in the second and he won the third. then we played what i thought was a bullshit game cuz he was arizona and i was philly and he won that game. the last 3 serious games we played ended up being a tie with us and that aint no lie shammy and u know it.

i would just like to say that i am undefeated against shamy in both blitz and nba showtime.