8/15 Mahvel back in VA? SF4/MvC2 Richmond, VA PNT

Hey all.

I will be hosting a tourney at Richmond’s Play N Trade in Carytown on Saturday, August 15th at 5pm.

2930 West Cary St.
Richmond, VA

SF4 will be on PS3 (subject to change to 360 based on participants. be prepared for either)

MvC2 will be on Xbawks 360.

The cost is 5$ per tournament.

There will be no venue fee.

The owner (Bob) is looking into getting food and extra prizes for the tourney.

Format is initially Single Elimination, 2 of 3 matches. This is subject to change based on entrants, but be prepared for a quick tourney. There will be plenty of casuals before and after the tournament.

The tournament will be held on PNT’s Samsung TV’s which work well for high def gaming. I will also bring my ASUS Setup.

Payout is 60/30/10

High Def Sprites on.

Sign Up List:


  1. Renegade
  2. Shakir
  3. Gennaro
  4. Moose
  5. Foomy
  6. Perry
  7. Ryry
  8. Eric V
  9. Mag Man
  10. Eric Kim
  11. 10x
  12. Nolan
  13. drizzle
  14. TFlame
  15. Gamma


  1. Renegade
  2. Ryry
  3. Foomyjin
  4. Gamma
  5. Slogan
  6. drizzle
  7. Eric V
  8. Mag Man

Hav and I are going to partner up. Team Straight Killers!!!

Did I say it was a team tournament or something? I’m confused.

I am going to partner with Foomy and Slogan, but i am the silent partner…

Marvel I missed you so!

Mags and I will be there!

Hmm Amtrak or Greyhound, decisions decisions…

Hav you ready? STRAIGHT killers

im going to try and make it to this


no venue fee? 5$ entry fee? wtf is this shit??

luckily i will be back in town for this, so 90% i be there.

6 hour 1st to 2nd page is deadly.

Return of the scewwwwps

Hold up hold up, I just noticed theres no singles??

ima need a teammate.

I hope you dont mind me mirror matching our opponents.



Me and Mags take all bets, 2v2 MM in MVC2/SF4 just pm me?

as long as cable isnt involved in a match to see who has the best cable.

If I can make it, this will be my first tournament. :slight_smile:

like both mvc2/sf4

or either/or?

yeah i like me in sf4 over both. how you would say, FREEEEEE!!! and marvel but i dont feel like practicing it. sucks that i wont be in town for these donations.



Dont matter!



the VRA would probably be the fastest way there.