7/2 3s Camelot Weekly Quick Results

1st. pyrolee (Yun)
2nd. Alex Valle (Ryu, Ken)
3rd. John D. (Hugo, Q, Brown Urien, Blue Urien)
4th. paulee (Ken)

quick notes:
Alex comes late and is placed in loser’s bracket. Alex beats pyro 4-3 in grand finals for set 1 and then loses a one game playoff for 1st so that he can go beast on CvS2

John D. seeds the bracket 100% random by pulling numbers and ends up putting himself on one bracket and the rest of the normal top 5 finishers on the other bracket. Good job subzero!

Keep up the good work Rockefeller.

And props to everyone who placed. Can’t wait to see you guys in action come Evo2k2!

Videos !!!

Happy 4th Everyone!

Goto my site if you want to see footages of this past 3rd Strike tourney!


Big thanx to Paul and ZuggZugg for running a great 3S/CvS2 tourney at CGL !!!