3rd Strike System Introduction + Ken Primer

KO has a nice Elena

So by Ryu constantly jabbing is he trying to trick his opponent into thinking a Hado is coming out or was he trying to counterhit any long normals that Necro threw out? At first I thought he was trying to bait a parry but then i said “What could he possibly counter with from that range?”

He’s effectively stopping Necro from doing much of anything since Necro really likes his long limbs. As far as I remember, Necro’s health is lower than Ryu’s so even if something traded, it would typically be in Ryu’s favor. Also, he worked in some MP’s as well to build meter while fishing for counter hits.

actually necro isnt a distance fighter at all. necro needs and wants to be directly on top of you or just outside his standing mp range. vanao was just doing strongs to build meter and staying away. he wanted necro to come to him, instead of the opposite.

its nothing like dhalsim ryu in ST/sf4. not looking to counter hit anything.

Necro is an asshole. Stupid Electric Snake stuns . . . (SRK needs to create a “salty” emoticon)

Good stuff Parry All. This tutorial told me that I learned 3S backwards. Meh.

Just a nit pick, so please excuse me.
I would say that Ken’s UOH into SAIII is a great tool to use after a blocked cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.lk or cr.lk, cr.mp block string. For the first example you need to walk forward a very little bit or kara the UOH off a cr.mk and the second puts you at perfect distance to connect the super on a crouching or a standing character. The spacing to make the super connect on the standing character is kinda tight but with practice one might not even need to use spacing tools like I mentioned.

As i said before though, great write up.:tup:

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I was actually reading your list very intently and then got to this and lol’d hard.

If you play Ken, read this thread. If you don’t play Ken, read this thread. Look up some of the great players for whatever character you do play and check out how they approach the game from every range and the general combos they use to punish things and how often they parry. Great resource, werd.