2/8 State College, PA Results


1 Dennis Hsieh “Kewlbub” : O.Ken
2 Rich DeLauder “FMJaguar” : Balrog
3 Chase Dog “Malignantmouse” : Honda
4 Jason Salvano “JMS” : Vega
5 Vin Nguy “Alphastorm” : Chun Li, Vega
5 Jarvi Carrasquero “QuakeII_Best” :
7 Sunny Siu “IPlayCvS2” :
7 Dan Davies “Dangief” :
9 Sean Hengchua “gbursine” :

1 Dennis Hsieh “Kewlbub” : MM/Cable/Capcom, Cable/BH/Cyke
2 Chase Dog “Malignantmouse” : Storm/Cable/Doom, MSP
3 Jordan Steinberg “JewishJ” : Cable/Sent/Capcom, ?
4 Jarvi Carrasquero “QuakeII_Best” : Cable/Storm/Capcom
5 Sean Hengchua “gbursine” : Spiral/Sent/Cammy
5 Shawn Mowery “Monkey” : Storm/Sent/Capcom
7 Dan Davies “Dangief” : Cable/Doom/BH
7 Rich DeLauder “FMJaguar” : Doom/Storm/Sent
9 Sunny Siu “IPlayCvS2” : Storm/Cable/Jill
9 Vin Nguy “Alphastorm” : Cable/BH/Capcom

What does damnit it’s BLACK HISTORY month mean:fury:

I traditionally get 3rd, or below… together me (being black, at least moreso than non-black), balrog (a black character), and the power of black history month, propelled us to our highest finish ever. However we were still held back by the rich white kid(O.ken) played by the asian(Kewl), proving that racism is alive and well in SF, i can’t even pick a black MvC2 team!!!

lol good shit:cool:
beast on them wit the few black fighters we have:lol:

The power’s getting to you–you’re becoming delusional! Too late to stop the transformation now, I can just see you coming to the next tournament with boxing gloves on…