0-frame startup THCs

does anyone know any team combinations that have THCs in which you can’t start blocking after the super-flash? been testing to see if i could find any, but it’s been pretty fruitless.

Chris with boulder punch assist, whichever Skrull assist makes him do the torch hyper.

Random question. I have not much an idea about the mechanics of this game. If some THCs hit instantly, can you X Factor cancel Phoenix transforming and then immediately THC? Is there anything you can do as phoenix to get out of that?

she can block immediately after transforming

If they are already blocking, they’ll block it.

It actually depends on several factors. Both the point character’s hyper and the assist hypers are important. A THC can hit during the super freeze with character A on point while not being able to with character B/C on point. Some hypers will always hit during the super freeze as an assist like proton cannon and hyper charging star (when close enough). Others like bionic arm require hypers like Chris’s sweep combination hyper on point to hit during super freeze. My guess is the character on point needs to have a hyper with very little startup post super freeze in order for the bionic arm to hit during super freeze. Some (most?) hypers are incapable of hitting during super freeze.

captain america’s hyper charging star will hit on “frame zero” making it unblockable if you aren’t already blocking - also useful for plowing through projectiles if cap isn’t on point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I believe Bionic Lancer will act as a “frame zero” THC hit if he’s not on point. Tenraiha acts as a “frame zero” overhead if she isn’t on point as well.

okay now that a list is adding up, i think i will edit the OP periodically with a compilation of them. can you guys tell me which assists are needed for these supers?

Charging Star Assist and Shield Slash assist will give the Hyper Charging Star in a team hyper combo. Also the MvC3 Hyper Guide lists every characters’ assist and corresponding hyper when a THC is activated >.>

Reminds me of when I’m online going against Akuma on the ground and he does level 3 x-factor and immediately goes into a Shinkuu/Messatsu (whatever) Hadoken… from neutral, I can NEVER block it - in his face… full screen. The lag fucking wins every time.

I think that akuma’s Shun Goku Satsu might be sped up while in lvl 3 x factor. (or it could be lag) Some guy tried to sgs me when i was right in his face, he got the couple jabs on me then hyper canceled to the lvl 3, and I held up before the flash and it still hit me lol

^compared to every game i’ve seen it in that thing is hella faster than ever before.

Rogueyoshi, you’re talking about characters like Storm, right? It seems like THCs skip the startup that would happen if the character were on point.

Iron Man has really long startup on Proton Cannon on point, but when you THC into it, it seems to come out pretty fast. I don’t know how to test if it’s 0/1 frame startup, though?

I also know if you’re dashing and your opponent DHCs into storm, you can block by holding upback.

Candidates worth testing would be:
Iron Man, Akuma, Ryu, Dorm…???

someone ask Buktooth…

Weskers maximum wesker THC is instant